Lumps and Bumps

The good news is that most lumps and bumps that appear on the face and body are not a cause for concern. However, many patients feel that they look unsightly and, if situated in a highly visible place, they can have a dramatic impact on the patient’s self-confidence. Once the lump and bump is assessed, it can be safely removed with very pleasing aesthetic results.

Thigh Lift

Some people lose tone in their thigh regions particularly after losing weight. The look of this can be significantly improved by thigh lift surgery. Thigh lift surgery is a pulling up of the tissue of your inner and outer thigh regions.

Arm Liposuction

Arms are one of those areas that are very resistant to dieting and long hours at the gym. It seems that once you have fat there its very hard to get rid of but liposuction can provide an efficient solution for the removal of unwanted fat from specific areas of the body, leaving a more defined shape. This minimally invasive procedure removes the excess fat often found under the arms and often caused by major weight gain or aging. This procedure requires only local anaesthesia to remove several inches of loose skin.

Arm Lift

The brachioplasty or arm lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can greatly improve the appearance of the upper arms. Increasing skin laxity or excess fat on the upper arms is a common problem for men and women, resulting in dreaded ‘bingo wings’ which can be impossible to address with exercise alone.

Tummy Tuck

Why should you choose a tummy tuck? Also known medically as an abdominoplasty, the tummy tuck can dramatically transform the appearance of the abdomen, removing excess skin and fat and tightening the muscles to produce a firm and flat stomach. The tummy tuck procedure is often combined with liposuction to produce optimal results.

Breast Uplift

Whether due to weight fluctuations, breastfeeding and pregnancy, or as a result of the ageing process, most women will experience some sagging of the breasts. A breast uplift procedure, known as a mastopexy, is cosmetic breast surgery that reshapes and lifts the breasts. Any excess skin and breast tissue is removed and, if necessary, we can reshape and reposition the nipple, producing a much more youthful and attractive appearance to the breasts.

Breast Augmentation

The breast augmentation, popularly known as the boob job, is the most requested cosmetic surgery procedure in the UK, popular with women who’ve always been dissatisfied with their breasts and those that have seen changes to their breast size and/or shape over time or as the result of fluctuations in weight or pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Breast Reduction

Heavy, overly-large breasts can cause many problems, from neck and back pain and poor posture as well as making it difficult to wear certain clothes or perform some activities. Women often say that it also greatly affects self-confidence and their perceived body image. A breast reduction, also known as a reduction mammoplasty, can dramatically reduce these problems and produce a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing appearance to the breasts.

Mole Removal

Moles are very common skin blemishes and most adults have between ten and forty on the face and body. However, if you have a larger mole in a very visible position, or if a mole has changed size, shape or colour recently then you may wish to discuss your mole removal options.


Liposuction, also known as liposculpting, is a very popular cosmetic surgery fat reduction and body reshaping procedure. If you’re at or near your ideal body weight but suffering from stubborn pockets of fat that are marring the smooth contours of the body and definition of the jawline, chin and neck, then liposuction could be the answer.

Macro fat graft

Whether you want to restore volume to your breasts or enhance the buttocks to produce the more rounded, feminine shape that has become increasingly popular in recent years, a Macro Fat Graft or large volume fat transfer could be a viable alternative to implants.

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