• What skin concerns are evaluated with a Visia skin analysis?

    Skin Blemishes: skin lesions, freckles, scarring and hyperpigmentation all show up on the digital imaging device. Enlarged Pores: these appear as darker than the surrounding skin tone. Wrinkles: these folds in the skin appear over time as the skin loses elasticity and can appear worse in areas of sun damage. Skin Texture: Visia can also analyse the smoothness of the skin as variations in skin appear as peaks and valleys. Porphyrins: these are bacterial excretions that can lead to acne and appear on the images as white spots. UV Spots: this is the result of sun damage and is often invisible to the naked eye. Brown Spots: hyperpigmentation, freckles or melasma appear as brown spots on the images. Vascular Problems: this could be due to inflammation, vascular lesions, spider veins or Rosacea and appear as red areas.

  • What happens during a Visia skin analysis?

    Visia is perfectly safe procedure, suitable for anyone. The face is photographed from three different angles by a specialised camera and then the images are sent to the computer. Almost immediately the results are produced and we can discuss all areas of concern.

  • How can Visia skin analysis help?

    The Visia skin analysis device can highlight visible skin concerns as well as the underlying problems that are not necessarily visible. We can use the images to advise you on the best skin rejuvenation treatment options possible and they can be an invaluable guide to how treatment is progressing.

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