• What is the Only You Light Lift?

    Down time following a procedure is an increasingly important part of decision making for many patients. This has led to the development of facial rejuvenation techniques that can be delivered under local anaesthetic result in less time out of action and still deliver significant benefit in terms of improvement in appearance. The Light Lift concept has grown out of this. The procedure itself is a limited incision face lift combined with ResurFx laser treatment post operatively to retighten the skin that gets stretched by post operative swelling.

  • How long does each step of the procedure take?

    The surgical procedure takes approximately 2 to 2 ½ hours but you will need to stay in hospital overnight. You will be discharged home the following day. Six weeks following the surgery you will be treated with ResurFx to tone the skin of the face in a treatment that will last between 30 to 60 minutes.

  • Who is suitable for the Light Lift?

    The Light Lift is suitable for people wanting to improve the appearance of the jowl region and reduce heaviness in the nasolabial fold and marionette line area (the junction between the cheeks and upper lip and lower portion of the cheek and lower lip respectively).

  • What else do I need to know?

    You will be seen by a consultant plastic surgeon who will assess if you are suitable for the procedure and full details of the surgery, aftercare, risks and complications will be discussed with you. 3D images will be taken and you will have an opportunity to discuss any questions you have about the procedure with your surgeon.

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