• Am I suitable for a rhinoplasty?

    A nose reshaping procedure can create a more symmetrical, proportional nose that is in balance with the rest of the face and also address any structural issues that may be impairing the patient’s breathing. During your rhinoplasty consultation, the external and internal appearance of the nose will be assessed. A rhinoplasty can straighten the bridge of the nose and remove bumps, as well as reduce the length of the nose or the size of the tip. The size of the nostrils and the angle that the nose protrudes from the face can also be enhanced. However, it is also important we assess whether you have realistic expectations of what nose reshaping surgery can achieve to ensure patient satisfaction post-procedure.

  • What happens during nose reshaping surgery?

    Nose reshaping surgery can be performed either as an open or closed rhinoplasty. Typically, we will perform a closed rhinoplasty where tiny incisions are made inside the nostrils and specially designed surgical instruments are used to make corrections to the bridge. For more complex procedures, we may need to make an incision between the nostrils but this shouldn’t be noticeable once the scars fully heal.

  • What can I expect after nose reshaping surgery?

    There will be a certain amount of bruising and swelling and your nose may feel blocked and stuffy immediately after surgery. You will be advised on how to protect your nose as it is healing; from sleeping with your head elevated, avoiding bending over or blowing the nose or doing any vigorous exercise. Your nose may feel numb or be experiencing increased sensitivity but this should resolve itself within a few weeks.

  • Is rhinoplasty surgery painful?

    Most patients find nose reshaping surgery to be relatively pain free and any minimal discomfort afterwards is well controlled with regular painkillers.

  • When results can I expect from nose reshaping surgery?

    Even minor alterations to the nose can have a significant impact on the patient’s appearance and it can take a while to get used to the outcome. It’s important to allow all swelling to the nose to fully dissipate, although in a few instances revision rhinoplasty surgery may be required. Most patients though are very happy with the improved shape of their nose and experience a huge increase in self-confidence.

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