• Am I suitable for a Micro Fat Graft?

    A Micro Fat Graft can treat all the common signs of ageing in the face. This includes loss of volume around the temples and mid-face that can create hollows, folds to appear around the nose and mouth and a loss of definition in the lower third of the face. The lips can also lose volume as we age and a Micro Fat Graft can be ideal for patients wanting a natural lip augmentation. An autologous fat transfer can also successfully treat scars on the face, whether caused by trauma, surgery or acne. As fat is transferred from another area of the body then you will need to be assessed to ensure that there is sufficient fat tissue in the donor area. However, as only small amounts of fat are required for a Micro Fat Graft, most patients are suitable candidates.

  • What does a Micro Fat Graft treatment involve?

    The first stage of a Micro Fat Graft is to harvest fat cells from another area of the body; these are gently removed to ensure there is no damage to the fat cells. We then filter these cells to ensure there will be no lumps and bumps when the fat is injected into the face to restore volume. As only minimal amounts of fat are being harvested and injected into the face, compared to body fat grafting procedures, the discomfort should be minimal.

  • Are there any potential risks to a Micro Fat Graft procedure?

    Immediately after your procedure, there may be some redness and bruising at the injection sites on the face and there will also be some bruising and swelling where the fat has been harvested. We advise you to wear a compression garment there for a couple of weeks after the procedure.

  • What results can I expect from a Micro Fat Graft?

    Results are instantaneous although there may be a degree of swelling that will settle down after a week or two. Not all fat survives the fat transfer process but the fat that does successfully transplant should last for many years. We advise patients not to partake in strenuous activity or exercise as your body is adapting to the Micro Fat Graft. It’s also important to maintain a steady weight afterwards as weight fluctuations can affect the results of your Micro Fat Graft.

  • What are the advantages of a Micro Fat Graft to alternative aesthetic treatments?

    As it is your own fat that is being injected there is much less risk of a reaction than the use of implants or fillers. Dermal fillers can last from one to two years, but a successful Micro Fat Graft can produce fantastic long-term results.


"I could not recommend treatment at Only You highly enough. From the very beginning I received excellent and professional service. My surgery experience could not have been better. At the hospital I was treated extremely well, and the after care has been fantastic. I am extremely happy with the results and hugely grateful to Mr Anthony MacQuillan and the entire team for transforming my life forever."

Nicola Bell, 38
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