• Am I suitable for a facelift and/or neck lift?

    Fit and healthy men and women who are concerned with sagging, loose skin on the lower third of the face and neck and loss of volume in the mid-face, are good candidates for a facelift or a neck lift. If you smoke, you will be advised to give up smoking well in advance of surgery to improve wound healing rates. Deep lines between the nose and mouth can be softened with a facelift but also may require dermal fillers or fat transfer for optimal improvement. Dynamic wrinkles around the eyes or on the brow best respond to wrinkle relaxing injections. Ageing in the upper third of the face will be better suited to a brow lift or blepharoplasty.

  • What does a facelift and neck lift entail?

    In a facelift procedure, the underlying muscle layer, known as the SMAS layer, is lifted to a more youthful position and then the overlying skin on the temples, cheek and jawline is tightened and any excess skin removed. Patients are often concerned with the appearance of the neck area, with the appearance of folds of loose skin and neck bands as we age. Incisions are made behind the ear and sometimes under the chin to tighten the muscles and skin on the neck.

  • What scarring can I expect after a facelift and neck lift?

    Your facial rejuvenation surgery is carefully planned and the incisions are placed within the hairline, behind the ear or below the chin so they shouldn’t be noticeable once they are full healed.

  • What are the risks inherent in facelift and neck lift surgery?

    Every surgical procedure entails some risks and, as facelift and neck lift surgery is elective, we ensure that patients are fully informed before they make the decision whether or not to proceed with surgery at this point. Risks include bleeding, infection, numbness or increased sensation, but they are typically very rare and usually temporary and the high level of aftercare we offer is aimed at managing and treating any potential problems immediately.

  • What results can a facelift and neck lift achieve?

    This is a common question asked during our facelift and neck lift consultations. A youthful face tends to have full, high cheekbones and a taut jawline and neck, but over time your face shape changes and can appear more square. We aim to restore this more youthful face shape without significantly changing the patient’s appearance. Although it is not possible to stop the ageing clock, successful facelift and neck lift surgery should make the patient appear up to ten years younger.

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