• Am I suitable for earlobe repair?

    If you’re suffering from split earlobes or expanded holes from tribal ear piercings, also known as a flesh tunnel or expander earrings, then this cosmetic surgery procedure can greatly improve the appearance of the lobes.

  • What does earlobe repair entail?

    Expanded hole repairs can take slightly longer to repair than a split lobe. Both procedures are performed under a local anaesthetic and will typically take half an hour per earlobe.

  • What results can I expect from earlobe repair?

    If the hole in the earlobe has been stretched to more than 8mm then it is not usually possible to reduce the hole completely. Often the lobe has been stretched into an abnormal shape. There will be small scars but they should fade over time and eventually the earlobe should look as normal as possible.

  • Are they any risks associated with earlobe repair surgery?

    This is a very low risk procedure; there is a risk of infection but most patients have no problems.

  • Can I wear earrings again after earlobe repair surgery?

    After your split earlobe is repaired, most patients should be able to wear earrings again in the future. We advise you to wait for six months for the ears to fully heal before re-piercing your ears.

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