• What does the arm lift procedure involve?

    An arm lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that addresses sagging skin and excess fatty tissue on the upper arms, reducing the circumference of the arm and tightening the skin to produce a tauter, smoother appearance.

  • Am I a suitable candidate for an arm lift?

    If your close to or at your ideal body weight and generally fit and well, then an arm lift can be a fantastic procedure, transforming the appearance of the upper arms. If you have good skin elasticity, then liposuction alone might be a better option but this will be assessed in your brachioplasty consultation.

  • What happens during an arm lift procedure?

    During the brachioplasty operation, your cosmetic surgeon will make an incision on the inside of the arms; the extent of the incision will depend on how much excess skin and fat that needs to be removed. Liposuction might also be performed at the same time, before dissolvable sutures are used to close the wounds.

  • What happens after an arm lift?

    We will advise you to wear a compression garment that is specially designed to control swelling and bruising after surgery for optimal results. You will also receive comprehensive aftercare guidelines. There will be some swelling and bruising and you should be aware of possible complications such as infection and wound healing. Scarring is the most significant drawback of an arm lift procedure as they can extend along the length of the arm. However, your surgery will be carefully planned to ensure your scars heal as well as possible.

  • What results can I expect from an arm lift?

    An arm lift aims to produce taut and toned arms and patients suffering from a significantly sagging skin and fat on the upper arm usually feel that the improvement to appearance far outweighs the problem of scarring.

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