Advanced Imaging


The Visia utilises advanced digital photography to analyse your face’s structure and skin condition. Originally designed for medical research, the system takes away any guesswork suggesting the best treatment to achieve rejuvenation.

During a Visia analysis the surface and subsurface of the skin is measured providing a complex set of data detailing the presence of spots, wrinkles, pores, brown spots, uv spots, areas of redness and prophyrins as well as analysing the texture of the skin.

The results of your analysis are securely stored as you may wish to revisit after 3 months to gauge the effect of your treatment programme. At that visit we would be able to show your images from both visits side by side, enabling you to judge your progress.

Advanced Imaging


Only You’s Vectra WB360 allows you to see the potential results of any surgical treatment you may be considering. The before and after images will not only help you visualise your goals, but really help guide you in your decision making as the images can be viewed from the comfort of your own home in order to give you time to consider whether you wish to proceed with treatment.

The Vectra’s technology allows you to view the three dimensional image produced, zoom in for a closer look, and superimpose the simulation of what you would like to achieve as a result of any surgical treatment that you are considering.

The Vectra WB360 is also a powerful aid to clinical diagnosis of skin complaints for dermatologists. The system captures nearly the entire skin surface with very fine quality resolution with a single capture. The fully integrated software allows us to map and monitor pigmented lesions and distributed diseases of the skin. Other applications include documenting pigmented lesions, psoriasis and vitiligo

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